Different Types of Fashion and Their Meanings


Fashion has many definitions, from being a state of mind to transforming a person’s appearance. Whether a person is trying to express their opinion or challenge a culture’s concept of gender, fashion is often a part of their lifestyle. In this article, we will look at the different types of fashion and their meanings. But before we get into those definitions, let’s take a closer look at what makes up a “fashionable” look.

Fashion is a state of mind

“Wearing clothes can greatly influence our mental states. According to a study published by Northwestern University, we are enclothed when we are dressed,” said Laver. According to the study, wearing dark oversized baggy clothes is associated with depression, while bright colors and jewelry are linked to feelings of optimism. But how do we know which clothing styles make us happy? We can ask ourselves that question when we decide to change our wardrobes.

It is a means for people to challenge or display a culture’s concept of gender

Clothing is a tool that helps humans protect themselves from their surroundings and negotiate the social orders in which they find themselves. People also wear clothing to display their bodies and construct gender and culture lines. Fashions that challenge the concepts of gender have been around for decades. While some brands like Yohji Yamamoto have been offering gender-neutral clothing for years, the majority of these are still highly conceptual and niche. Gender-neutral clothing is a growing movement that is becoming more mainstream and younger than in the past.

While dress is a means for people to challenge and display a culture’s concept of gender, it has historically been a political and social force. Studies of women’s athletic dress have highlighted gendered resistance. Early gym uniforms were considered to be a male-dominated form of clothing, whereas women gradually adopted the trouser as their athletic apparel.

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