Different Ways to Study the Law


There are many different ways to study the law, and these strategies aren’t just limited to legal books. One of the most effective ways to study the law is to join or start a study group. Study groups can provide meaningful feedback and help you work through tricky concepts. Plus, they can help you get notes for classes you might miss and serve as a safe place to vent.

Common law

Common law differs from civil law in several ways. First, it has a lower prescriptive power than civil law. A common law judge acts like a referee, listening to both sides of the argument before making a decision. Second, it is more flexible than civil law, which requires a civil code of laws. And finally, common law is more popular than civil law, with a greater number of countries adhering to it.

Case law

Case law is an area of law that is based on judicial decisions. It differs from common law, which is based on statutes and constitutions. Case law uses the detailed facts of a case as well as the resolutions of courts to decide legal disputes.

Religious legal systems

Religious legal systems derive their legal rules from the sacred texts of a particular religious tradition. They apply to all aspects of life and use religious documents as primary sources of legal authority. Most of the major world religions have their own legal systems, and many countries supplement their secular national systems with religious law. Some countries are 100% religious, such as Saudi Arabia, while others are 100% secular, such as the Vatican.


A key issue in the theory of courts is their role in society. While many of the most important decisions in the world are made by courts, not every case ends up in court. This is because many cases are non-controversial, such as routine debt-collection cases or “no fault” divorces. In these situations, the court’s role is more administrative than adjudicatory.

Legal education

Legal education in law has undergone a transformation in the last few decades. With the advent of distance learning tools such as video, a professor can deliver lectures online for hundreds of students at one time. A student can access lesson modules and tutorials, and he or she can access handouts and other materials in a private repository.

Writing elective

Writing in law school is a skill you’ll need in your career, and a writing elective course can be an excellent way to learn it. Whether you’re writing for a client or a legal document, law school writing classes give you the skills you need to be effective in your legal writing. Although many people assume that legal writing is dry and boring, the truth is that the ability to write well is crucial for a legal career.

Study groups

One of the best ways to master law school material is to create a study group. This group will give each member a set of expectations that they need to meet in order to achieve success. While you may enjoy spending time with your friends, remember to schedule time for studying. Your time is valuable and you do not want to waste it on useless activities. Moreover, make sure that you do not get trapped in a study group that does not fit your study style.

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