How to Add Value Through Home Improvements

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or you just want to make it a more comfortable place to live, there are many home improvement projects you can complete that will improve your property’s value. Some of these renovations are high-end and require a lot of money, but there are plenty of DIY options that can give your house a facelift without breaking the bank.

How to Add Value Through Home Improvements

Before you start any remodeling project, make sure to do some research on the home’s resale value. You want to avoid any changes that could decrease the resale price of your house, says Fisher. This is especially important if you plan to sell the house in the near future, as those changes can make the home look less desirable to buyers.

The best ways to ensure that your home is worth its price tag are to choose a project that increases the size, function, or structural integrity of your home. These renovations are more likely to be viewed as investments that will help your home increase its value and appeal to potential buyers, says Steckel.

Crown Molding – Adding crown molding to your home is a relatively inexpensive way to make it more attractive. You can buy this decorative strip from a home improvement store and cut it to the right size, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Bathroom Remodeling – Updating your bathroom is an excellent way to improve your home’s value and create more functional living space. Putting in new tile, countertops, or fixtures can all make your bathroom feel brand-new and fresh.

Kitchen Remodeling – A kitchen remodel is another popular home improvement project that can boost your home’s value. Replacing appliances, installing new cabinetry, or adding a backsplash can give your kitchen a more modern, updated look that appeals to prospective buyers.

Shower Remodeling – Updating your shower is a low-cost home improvement project that will have a big impact on the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. Adding new fixtures, replacing the bathtub, and refreshing the shower walls can all help your bathroom feel fresh and clean without breaking the bank.

Window Replacement – Windows are an easy, inexpensive home improvement project that can improve the appearance and comfort of your home. Replacing windows can be a great way to boost the value of your home, and they can also make your house more energy-efficient.

Painting – Painting the outside of your home can improve its appearance and boost your property’s value, too. A paint job can be a quick and easy home improvement project that will add curb appeal to your home.

Siding Replacement – Siding is one of the first things potential homebuyers see when they walk through your front door, so it’s a good home improvement project to consider if you’re thinking about selling your house. Siding can range in price from $5,400 to $15,500, but it can result in a 68 percent return on investment, according to Fisher.

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