Types of Entertainment


Entertaining an audience

Entertainment is anything that can hold an audience’s attention and give them pleasure. Traditionally, entertainment has come in many forms, and has evolved over the centuries. Some of the most well-known forms of entertainment are music, drama, and theatre. Even medieval European royal courts wore masquerade costumes and presented performances for their audiences, which involved singing, dancing, and acting. Many forms of entertainment require collaboration, expert production, and musical talent. A successful performance usually draws applause. Alternatively, a poor performance may be met with harsh dissatisfaction from the audience.


Shows are a diverse category of entertainment that span the various media available. They include talk shows, award shows, and reality competition franchises. Some representative TV shows include American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, and the Grammy Awards. Many of these programs involve real-audience reaction.


Musicals are performances that combine music and spoken dialogue, often accompanied by costumes and choreography. They are typically performed in two acts, with one intermission. Most musicals are one-half to three hours long. The first act is generally longer than the second, and often contains new songs or reprises of themes that were important to the original musical.


Dances are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Originally, our ancestors performed them for play, social interaction, and worship. Later, they were used for rituals and rites of passage. Throughout the centuries, dances have been part of growing up, entering new life stages, religion, revolution, and even love. Every stage of human life has been touched by dances at some point in history.


Movies are one of the most popular ways of entertainment. People from all walks of life can find an escape in movies. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a romantic story, a movie can give you both. In fact, studies have shown that movies can actually reduce blood pressure and stress hormone levels. They have also been proven to dilate blood vessels by as much as 22%.


Sports entertainment is a kind of spectacle that showcases an event through theatrical flourish and lavish presentation. Its main goal is to entertain an audience.


Comedy is a form of entertainment aimed at causing laughter and enjoyment in a public setting. It can take the form of plays, movies, television, stand-up comedy, or radio. Whether satirical or irreverent, it aims to entertain the audience and deliver a message. Comedy often takes on social issues or satirizes people’s vices. The comic elements in a play or film are thoroughly entertaining. In this way, comedians can reveal many aspects of society.

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